Friday, December 08, 2006

Bride Photocopies

Have you been to the many wedding-photographer websites lately and look at pictures of Malay weddings?

Is it me or do you agree that the brides are looking kind of the same of late? They have the same sorta made up face.

I look from picture to picture and I can’t tell a couple from another by looking at the bride – need to look at the groom to do that.

It’s really pathetic!

Let me try to explain it. It’s basically the plucked eyebrows that result in the same old thin and dark and long pair of brows that make every bride look well…mm…I dunno…very err...sophisticated, I suppose, but in a nasty sorta way (I’m sorry but this is how I feel!) Liquid eye liners that make a fairly thick dark line on each eye lid of the bride. Fake long and curly lashes that make one look none too different from those Bollywood actresses. And the rest, well, are the normal stuff i.e. foundation and powder – well how varied can that be? Lip stick – complaints there. Wait, come to think of it, their hair dos are pretty similar too.

They have the same mak andam, perhaps?

I mean seriously, do they have the same mak andam or is it just how the mak andams (or make-up artist?) in Malaysia are trained nowadays? There is absolutely no uniqueness or natural look to it. They all look the same!

Shouldn't these mak andams be enhancing the natural beauty of one's face, NOT doing the normal 'routine' to every face they get no matter what type of face it is and what natural beauty that face has?

And don’t these brides want to look natural any more? I remember when I was married, I kept asking my mak andam to make my make-up NATURAL. Coz to me, otherwise it would be pretentious.

Honestly, people, just be yourself.. especially when you are getting married to someone who's supposed to love YOU as you are.

p/s: by the way, the pic I chose above, is of a friend's wedding whose make up was completely natural and simple...but had to blur it for privacy's sake - you do understand? Thanks for the above pic, my dear!


FloweRinTheDesert said...

i think mostly the thick makeups are for the photosessions la. And those who have the reception at hotels with the bright lightings etc, you need thick makeups for emphasis otherwise you'd look pale. It's usually just the pics taken from normal cams that you see the 'fake'ness. As long as they don't fake it on their wedding night dah lerrrr.... ;)

halwafy said...

Yeah..I suppose you're right..but still, it's these pics that one sees kan..and they really do look the same...can't they just make up in a different way sikit even for photo sessions or whatever...??

FloweRinTheDesert said...

on your footnote: lerrr...i think it would have been BETTER for you to put a pic of a 'fake' looking bride, and another of YOUR wedding so we can compare. That'd make your point clearer, duncha fink?...hehe ;P

halwafy said...

My dear..I wouldn't want to embarrass anyone like that...anyway, maybe I should have just posted the pic above without blurring it...;) - to show my readers how I like it..what would YOU think of that?

he he he

FloweRinTheDesert said...

But then you'd end up embarrassing whoever that was in the pic. So might as well put in your wedding pic side by side for proper comparison. ;)

halwafy said...

Hehe..sabar je lah...ok flowerin..I give up..