Monday, December 04, 2006

Just With The Girls

We had it all planned.

First the girls, then the men.

The girls go first and leave the kids to the men. And then the men go and leave the girls, or should I say the ladies, back in their 'natural environment' with the kids.

Everything was prepared and readied beforehand due the awkward timing for prayers at this time of the year – zuhur and asar comes early and are very near each other so one needs to settle those first before going out.

At the last minutes, lunch plans were cancelled due to the above prayer time inconveniences but finally at 2 o’clock, right on time, I was there in front of the building.

Ahh..the cinema.

It has been more than a year. I had wanted to plan something like this when I really, really wanted to watch Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire which is at the moment my favourite book in the series but the others weren’t really interested in watching that particular movie so I had to wait 6 months later to watch it on DVD. But everyone, especially the ladies, wanted to watch Casino Royale because of the rave reviews and oh-that-to-die-for piece of flesh that goes by the name of Daniel Craig. And so we planned and I finally made it to the cinema after more than 1 year of not going due to the children.

And boy was it a most welcomed return.

I read that book by Ian Fleming ages ago while in secondary school – an old and yellow copy owned by my mother – she has Casino Royale, Goldfinger and Dr. No from her years at college or uni - but I didn’t really understand the card games scenes in the book – and I still don’t, because I don't know the rules of the game – but I remember thinking that the Bond in that book was a bit of a softie, because he fell in love in that book.

The movie had stuck to its original book elements and to me, it worked. It’s much better than those satellites and ‘tank in the middle of the city’ movies anyway, which to me, were not too memorable and definitely crossing into ridiculous. But do not doubt that this movie is action packed – for it is, but only the more realistic and believable kind of action, I feel. I have never been too interested in all those tech stuffs and ‘shooting from a distance’ anyway – to me, it really takes away the romance and honour in any spy or war films. It’s the hand to hand combat and 'the infantry' that has always interest me in these types of films.

And this Bond is not infallible like the others. My favourite scenes were in fact, the ones that showed that Bond is indeed, a mere mortal e.g. after he drank the poisoned cocktail and that touching scene in the shower. From start to finish, it has its thrilling moments, its touching moments and quite a few funny moments as well - as all Bond films must have. But it’s that scene at the beach with Vesper Lynd that stole the cake for me. That scene was so good that it is even now clearly imprinted in my brain and it nearly spoiled my bedroom activities during that weekend!

He is one definitely delicious, DELICIOUS looking man.

But the movie was not without its negative points. Well, at least, to the men it definitely had some (Obviously because they were a little jaki of Daniel Craig’s muscled body and after all, he ‘got’ the girl and my husband had ‘fallen’ for Eva Green ever since that other movie with Orlando Bloom.) But seriously, I have to concede that my husband was right when he said that the movie had no climax. It was thrill, thrill and thrill and the pressure was building and building but then suddenly, it all simply turned into steam and NOTHING (if you get what I mean).

But that’s the only thing - quite a major thing, but still, the only thing.

Overall, the ladies had a great time and the guys had an ‘okay’ time but honestly, I thought the movie was great and I can’t wait to see more of Daniel Craig and his blue eyes next in one of my favourite fantasy books that is currently being made into a movie; 'The Golden Compass', the first of the ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy by Phillip Pullman.

Can’t wait.


FloweRinTheDesert said...

affecting your bedroom activities? heh Gurl, you're O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D! ;)

cp1 said...

monotonous movie line?

jujuqtpie said...

Shouldn't it have affected you for the better? You know you can be Bond girl and he can be Bond. Let your imagination run wild! So wild that your hubby suddenly have blue eyes, but you hate his guts and everything he stands for OR try to. Slowly, he's pulling down your defenses with his wit and confidence and his never-die attitude. Then imagine yourselves captured and tied to each other, and put in a freezer so cold that the only warmth you feel is from him. Hey I am quite good at this imagining stuff. Too many Bond movies and romance stories I guess. Tetiba your webpage jadik 18SX plak. And you do the rest laa.
I still maintain that they dun have much chemistry. After watching Meredith and McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy where the air suffacates and the tension sizzles, Bond and Lynd is nothing. Even Mr Sheffield and Fran Fine have more chemistry going on BUT the bathroom scene was MAGICAL despite their lack of chemistry. Imagine Macbeth doing that for Lady Macbeth!
Hey did you know that he was in Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie, and she said he's a great kisser? Well, can't take her word for it right? hahahahaha It's in today's Star.

halwafy said...

flowerin & jujuqtpie: I don't watch grey's anatomy so I wouldn't know what you're talking about but I do read romance novels - I dunno, I guess I wasn't watching for chemistry..was just watching those blue blue peter o'toole's don't you think, but i thot the latter looked a little gay..

anyway, i honestly don't understand wat you guys are talking abt concerning my bedroom activities coz my bedroom activites ironing and folding clothes...i meant they were spoilt because err..Bond's clothes and tux looked so WELL IRONED that it really spoilt my own ironing..(??)

he he he

cp1: my husband thinks so..but i console myself by saying that they're just following the story book...hi hi

cp1 said...

opp i missed the part 'imprinted in my brain ..." heheh i just can imagine ..

jujuqtpie said...

So cute, it spoilt your ironing... :) Flowerin may not believe you but I will. I believe you.

funnybuns with no blog said...

update la blog everyday. pesanan khidmat masyarakat dari funnybuns with no blog

halwafy said...

jujuqtpie: I am touched by your faith in me..:D

funnybuns: Contrary to popular belief, I am not a professional blogger. I am a professional housewife and a part time kena sabar ye kak :)

btw, miss you, dah lama tak nampak on my comments ni...