Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Carrot Cake updated

Tried the whole recipe last week and made 9 carrot cup cakes and one whole cake of a good size with the batter.

Remember when my frosting turned runny on my first try at making carrot cake frosting and I thought it was because I didn't have enough icing sugar? Well, on the second try it came out runny as well even when I made sure to follow the recipe exactly! I was quite depressed because I could not understand the reason for it but my husband pointed out to me that maybe, it is because of the cream cheese I had used - it was a '50% less fat' one. I thought it was quite possible, that - so, on the 3rd try, I used the normal Philadelphia cream cheese one and I found that he was right!

So much for trying to reduce the fat in my cakes.

Anyway, the cup cake idea was brilliant - cooked in circa 18 to 20 minutes - easy to give away and convenient 'to go'. And the taste, to me and Mr S, was fantastic. Will definitely make carrot cup cakes using this recipe again.


Dad of Four said...

Thanks to you, wifey has asked me to print your recipe...Yeayy...carrot cake for us; but dont know when...(sigh)

norzainah zainal abidin said...

neverrrrr like carrot cake before...but must try to bake one after reading your post...you describe it very yummyyyyy...eh...the cup cake version still use the same measurement of ingredient??????

halwafy said...

D-o-F: Your wife wants to bake the carrot cake? Sooner rather than later if you know how to persuade her ;) he he he...

norzainah: But they were indeed yummy! Yes, same ingredients, only baking time lessened to around 20 mins. Test with a tooth pick at 18 mins and see :)

Good Luck!

dijah said...

that looks gorgeous!
really looks yummy!

halwafy said...


Thanks for dropping by. Carrot cake is really quite simple, you shld try and persuade your mom/ dad to assist you to make one!

Or maybe your interest is more in photography?

Nice pics by the way at your ADP blog. I really do like pics that tell a story..:)