Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lunch At The Park

Did our normal grocery shopping on Saturday and later decided to buy some food and eat our lunch at the park. We went to Valentine's Park in Ilford.

The children were excited, of course. The weather was fine, for spring is here and the flowers are out and in bloom.

The animals were happy to come out to welcome the fine weather too.

We found a really nice and beautiful spot under some large trees by the canal.

The children then had fun chasing the squirrels around the large trees.

But when the squirrels saw the food we had, they became 'friendly' and were even eating out of the children's hands!

An hour later, it was time to go home.

But not before a photo session by the beautiful tulips, of course!


FloweRinTheDesert said...

beautiful pics. love the pink tulips, one of my fav flowers! :) hope ur feeling better dear.

halwafy said...

Thanks. We took the pics using my new handphone, a Sony Ericsson k800i. Pretty good, yes?

Feeling a little better but still coughing and still blowing my nose a few times a day. But just couldn't resist the nice weather yesterday - it was sunny but the wind was still quite cold, that's why we didn't stay longer...

Dad of Four said...

How I miss England..especially the parks. My fren used to stay at Ilford and me at South Woodford! Nice pics!

nikfarizah said...

ooo...i wish i were there, i just love spring time, beautiful flowers!

halwafy said...

D-0-F: Yeah..the parks are really nice, especially in spring and in autumn. My favourite is Valentines Park and Epping Forrest! Walking in the latter is like walking in a scene in a Robin Hood movie, I feel. were also a Londoner once upon a time rupanya..don't tell me you did your bar here?

nikfarizah: Yes, the blossoms on the trees and the flowers springing from the ground everywhere...mmg cantik...I love spring too.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and do drop by again :)