Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Little Kitchen Apprentice

Yours truly has not been feeling too well due to the rapidly changing weather of late (from sunny to hail and then sleet to warm again!). So, someone volunteered to help with the washing up, armed with an old kitchen towel for an apron...

..only to end up washing just 1 measly plate, and even that, it was still covered in suds!

"That's're FIRED!"


Rob said...

Ha! Well, his heart was in the right place. :)

Lenwë Aldaríon said...

I see the blackboard in the background of the pictures! Memories :)

Have you ever thought of setting a parting to his hair? I think he would look smart in side-parting! ;)

Take care Kak Ibah.

Ayu said...

Haha.. at least he offered to help, didn't he?

halwafy said...

Rob: Yeah, I gave him a half pay i.e. a half a bottle of milk for his 'help'...just kidding!

Thanks for dropping by.

Nic: Look, Nicholas! It's so bright and sunny now in London! It's going to be summer soon :)

Side parting? I can only do that when his hair is wet i.e. after his bath. When dry it will go back to that (pic). How?

Ayu: Yeah..but I suspect he offered to 'help' because he wanted to play with the water and washing liquid..he he!:)

FloweRinTheDesert said... this entry. i noticed the 'boroi'ness first thing! SO ADORABLE!!!

Dad of Four said...

My boy who loves helping mummy, till to date, in the kitchen is Yusof.....! Never mind the one plate and suds....He'll grow up one fine man!

Anonymous said...

oh he is such an adorable kid!!
I have fallen in love with that boy of yours... he is choo shweet :)

MyPeriukBelanga said...

auwww..i loved the last pics, what a chubby cheerful boy! he really finished all the lots on the right basins? sweet of him! cubitkan skit pipi dia tu.

my guess, halwafy and ibah is the same person..?

Soody said...

really sweet boys, they remind me of my nephews.

halwafy said...

Flowerin: Boroi sebab minum susu soya byk...what to do..?

D-O-F: Amin..:) Thanks.

Anonymous: Hmm..who's this who has fallen in love with my boy??;) Thanks for dropping by and do come again.

Myperiukbelanga: Thank you! No, he just tried to wash 1 but even THAT one not 'really'. And yes, I dah cubitkan pipi dia - I do it everyday pun :)

And to your last question: yes :)

Soody: Thanks and thank you for dropping by...drop by anytime!

jujuqtpie said...

Hope you are feeling better...btw, since he's fired, can I hire? :)

halwafy said...

juju: Ok, but I get to keep his pay and don't blame me when you see his 'shoddy' work he he he..