Thursday, March 15, 2007

FIVE reasons

Another tag, unexpectedly slapped on my back by blogger cp1. This will undoubtedly be quite boring because there's nothing funny or amusing at all about the reasons why I blog..

1. Initially, I have to admit, it was just for the thrill of getting my writings 'published'. I should think anyone who thinks that he /she can 'write' would have this dream of being a published writer and blogging has provided this 'exposure' of sorts to the dreamer in me. And I still get excited when people comment on my entries - Wow! People actually read the stuff that I write!


2. I hate it when people don't want to share recipes - they just vaguely answer your questions and you 'get it' - they don't want to share. I'm the type who is thick skinned and will ask for recipes and tips about food from anyone whose cooking I have tasted and loved. That's just me. And in return, ask me whatever you like about my food - I will always try to help, if I can. So I blog to share my recipes to the world - albeit they are amateurish and none too perfect at all. But hey, who cares?

3. I live far away from my family, so blogging is the perfect way to update them, especially about the children and about what has been happening to me. There are pictures and stories and thoughts and experiences..hey, blogging is really a cool way to update your friends about everything and anything about you. And especially because I'm so far away, it's really, really nice when my friends and family have blogs too. I cannot stress how comforting it is for me to read my sister's blog and my friends' blogs - because I do miss everyone at home so very much and miss spending time with everyone! Blogging is a way for me to keep in touch.

4. Blogging can also be therapeutic. Sometimes I have thoughts of this and that or I feel angered, amused, annoyed, happy or broody about things and being alone mostly here, I don't have anyone to talk to or to discuss with - most of the time I only have the screen in front of me, and the keyboard in front of it to vent out my thoughts and feelings...

5. Lastly, to show off. Hey, although not all of my cooking turned our well, the ones that do should really go on display. He he he.

No lah, not really.

Cooking all those cakes and dishes that I have made is an achievement for me. I blog them to log them and to share them with my friends, family and the rest of the world. Hey, they've got a big server at so why not upload all those pictures that you would never want to forget? So yes, blogging is also like a memory box for me, to put in all the stuff that I want to remember later, be it how my cooking turned out or my children's antics preserved in digital form, with some notes and stories written along with them, as reminders for me.
Truly, blogging is a real gem for me and I treasure this home of mine in cyberspace.

That's it. With this, I tag new blogger BUNNY to tell me the reasons why she is starting a blog. Don't be cross now...

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cp1 said...

therapeutic .. ya it is another form of remedy .. heheh lucky bunny ..

happy friday!!!